Ghillie Kettle Hard Anodised Cook Kit For Explorer and Adventurer

Ghillie Kettle Hard Anodised Cook Kits provide everything necessary to prepare a delicious meal using all the Explorer and Adventurer models.

The 1100ml anodised pot comes with a 25mm deep lid that can double up as a frying pan. To cook on top of the kettle, you first need to attach the pot support to the exhaust. It's step design allows different pan sizes to be held safely, with the option of using a stainless steel grill for larger pots or as a quick BBQ. 

* Please note: This cook kit is only suitable for the Explorer and Adventurer Ghillie Kettles. Being crafted by hand, and by nature of this process, certain products may have slight cosmetic imperfections. This does not in any way affect their performance, but is part of the charm of handmade products.


Only 1 left in stock.
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Hard Anodised Cook Kits

Turn your Ghillie Kettle in to a portable cooking station

Made in: Great Britain

Brand: Ghillie Kettle

Material: Stainless steel / anodised aluminium / aluminium

Weight: 500g / 17.6oz

Contents: Triangular base support, 1100ml anodised pot, anodised frying pan lid, pot support, pan grip, grill base




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