Washing instructions for Snugpaks Jackets are printed on a white silk tag stitched to the inside seam. Please follow these instructions carefully as failure to comply with them will make your guarantee void. If you have removed the tag or are unsure of the washing symbol meaning, the full washing instructions can be found below.

  • Machine wash on a gentle setting or hand wash in water not exceeding 30°C or 86°F
  • You can use a mild washing detergent but ideally you want to use an outer jacket specific washing treatment 
  • Wash dark colours separately, do not bleach, do not use fabric conditioners
  • These jackets can be spun dry in a washing machine
  • Do not tumble dry. Dry them instead on a line or airer.
  • Do not dry clean


Repeated washing can damage the insulation structure and thus the thermal efficiency of your jacket. It is recommended that light soiling on both the inner and outer fabrics is sponged with soap and water to start with, machine/hand washing as a last resort.

Ensure the zip is done up fully otherwise the exposed teeth may cause harm in the wash cycle. The same can be said for garments containing Velcro. Your best course of action would be to wash these garments either by hand or on their own in a washing machine.

Do not store these jackets compressed in stuff sacks for long periods of time between uses. Store them either by hanging them up on a peg using the back neck hanging tab or laying them flat and loosely folding them in a wardrobe.

A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish is applied to the outer fabric of these jackets. The water repellence can be maintained with periodic re-treatment with a suitable aftercare DWR product - whether applied during the wash cycle or during hand washing.

Like most synthetics, Snugpak fabrics will melt or burn if exposed to flame or direct heat. They are not flame resistant; do not use them near ANY direct source of heat or flame.