Gear Aid Seam Grip Tent Sealant

Gear Aid Seam Grip Tent Sealant is the ultimate solution for quick and reliable repairs on outdoor gear and equipment. This fast-curing sealant is designed to tackle any seam, providing a durable and waterproof bond that ensures your gear stays in top condition, no matter the adventure.

Crafted with advanced adhesive technology, Seam Grip Tent Seam Sealant offers exceptional performance in repairing tents, rain gear, sleeping bags, and more. Its fast-curing formula allows for rapid repairs, and its flexible and waterproof finish prevents moisture from seeping through. Once cured, it forms a permanent bond that withstands the toughest outdoor conditions. 

Application: Shake well before use. Clean and dry all surfaces. Apply a thin film onto the coated side of the fabric seam with the integrated brush. Do not over apply. Keep the treated surfaces separated and allow to dry for 2 hours. 


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Seam Grip Tent Seam Sealant

Easy and quick way to re-seal fabric seams from water ingress 

Made in: EU

Brand: Gear Aid by McNett


Volume: 60ml / 2.0floz

Application: brush (included)

Active Ingredients: Water-based urethane

Suitable for: nylon, canvas, vinyl, polyester, and other outdoor fabrics

Drying time: up to 2 hours

Treats: 18 metres of seams

Bottle dimensions: 35 x 135mm

Weight: 75g / 2.7oz



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