Powertraveller Extreme Solar Panel Charger

Powertraveller Extreme Solar Panel Chargers 5 watt output is perfect for charging smartphones and GPS systems when on adventures.

The compact rugged and water resistant clamshell outer casing houses two solar panels that open out to a 210 degree angle, making it easy to attach to backpacks, tents or bike panniers with the enclosed Velcro strap, whilst allowing optimum power from the sun.

Advanced MPPT technology employed in the panels design enables them to still deliver power even in low light conditions. To help with aligning them for maximum charge, an LED indicates the performance of the panels. If it glows red then charging is at a minimum, whilst green shows it is at a optimum level. 

To charge a device,  just plug it in to the panels via the USB port in the base. This has a rubberised cover to help prevent any dust and water getting inside it. 


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Extreme Solar Panel Charger

Versatile charging of small electronic devices when travelling

Made in: China

Code: PTL-EXTSL001

Brand: Powertraveller

Output (max): 5 Watt 5V 1A 

Construction: Clamshell

Dimensions: 200 x 114 x 8mm (closed)

Weight: 289 / 10.2oz 

Contents: Extreme solar panel, USB to micro USB cable, Velcro strap



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